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Enables users to apply machine learning techniques for classifying image time series obtained from earth observation data cubes.

big-earth-data cbers earth-observation eo-datacubes geospatial image-time-series land-cover-classification landsat planetary-computer r-spatial remote-sensing rspatial satellite-image-time-series satellite-imagery sentinel-2 stac-api stac-catalog

Natural Resources - Soil and Land - Last synced: 02 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 16.1


Aims for plant parameter retrieval - relevant in smart farming applications - by using radiative transfer models and object-based image analysis that directly addresses actual user needs and policy demands in a highly efficient, flexible and scalable way.

google-earth-engine image-analysis imagery obia remote remote-sensing rtm sentinel-2 vegetation

Consumption - Agriculture and Nutrition - Last synced: 01 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 5.9


An R package for α- and β-diversity mapping using remotely-sensed images.

biodiversity diversity-mapping hyperspectral-imaging remote-sensing sentinel-2 tropical-forest

Biosphere - Biodiversity and Species Distribution - Last synced: 01 Dec 2023 - Ranking: -Infinity


A dataset collection combining all publicly available self-declared crop reporting datasets from countries of the European Union.

agriculture dataset deep-learning machine-learning opendata sentinel-2

Consumption - Agriculture and Nutrition - Last synced: 01 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 6.8


A Sentinel-2 multi-year, multi-country benchmark dataset for crop classification and segmentation with deep learning.

crop-classification deep-learning segmentation sentinel-2

Consumption - Agriculture and Nutrition - Last synced: 01 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 5.3


A package designed to detect and quantify water quality and cyanobacterial harmful algal bloom (CHABs) from remotely sensed imagery.

algal-bloom algorithms landsat-8 meris modis olci remote-sensing sentinel-2 water-quality

Natural Resources - Water Supply - Last synced: 01 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 10.7

A high-resolution canopy height model of the Earth

The model estimates canopy top height for every Sentinel-2 image pixel and was trained using sparse GEDI LIDAR data as a reference.

canopy-height-models deep-learning ensemble gedi sentinel-2 uncertainty

Biosphere - Forest Observation and Management - Last synced: 30 Nov 2023 - Ranking: 3.3