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Gives you an easy way to access products from more than 10 earth observation providers, with more than 50 different product types (Sentinel 1, Sentinel 2, Sentinel 3, Landsat, etc.) that can be searched and downloaded.

catalog cbers copernicus downloader earth-observation eodag geographic-data geospatial gis landsat modis remote-sensing satellite-imagery search sentinel spatial-imagery stac

Sustainable Development - Data Catalogs and Interfaces - Last synced: 25 Feb 2024 - Ranking: 17.6


Enables users to apply machine learning techniques for classifying image time series obtained from earth observation data cubes.

big-earth-data cbers earth-observation eo-datacubes geospatial image-time-series land-cover-classification landsat planetary-computer r-spatial remote-sensing rspatial satellite-image-time-series satellite-imagery sentinel-2 stac-api stac-catalog

Natural Resources - Soil and Land - Last synced: 24 Feb 2024 - Ranking: 15.9