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Digital Earth Australia Notebooks

Hosts Jupyter Notebooks, Python scripts and workflows for analysing Digital Earth Australia (DEA) satellite data and derived products.

digitalearthaustralia documentation earth-observation earthobservation geoscienceaustralia geospatial-data jupyter-notebook landsat opendatacube python remote-sensing remotesensing satellite-imagery sentinel-2 xarray

Sustainable Development - Knowledge Platforms - Last synced: 13 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 17.9


Combines the resources, technical knowledge and expertise of three partner agencies ESA, JAXA, and NASA to strengthen our global understanding of global environmental changes and other societal challenges impacting our planet.

earthobservation esa european-commission european-union green-deal jaxa nasa satellite-data

Sustainable Development - Environmental Satellites - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 9.1

Digital Earth Africa Notebooks

Using Earth observations to address social, environmental and economic changes on the Africa continent.

earthobservation hacktoberfest jupyter-notebooks opendatacube python remotesensing xarray

Sustainable Development - Data Catalogs and Interfaces - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 15.4