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A curated list of open technology projects to sustain a stable climate, energy supply, biodiversity and natural resources.

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Open Data products released by the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss.


Climate Change - Climate Data Visualization and Access - Last synced: 10 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 3.4


Provides open access to key geospatial datasets pertinent to climate resilient agriculture.

agriculture-data analytics data-for-good geospatial opendata opensoftware

Consumption - Agriculture and Nutrition - Last synced: 09 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 6.6


Public transport and multimodal routing apps could benefit from showing nearby bikes from bikesharing services. So here's a list showing the APIs of a few of these platforms.

api bike bike-share documentation location map opendata scooter scooter-sharing sharing

Consumption - Mobility and Transportation - Last synced: 08 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 11.0

Open Carbon Watch

We monitor greenhouse gases emission reports published by organizations, along with their legal obligations and their own commitments, and track them over time.

carbon-emissions database laravel opendata vuejs

Emissions - Emission Observation and Modeling - Last synced: 08 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 2.6

Risk Data Library Standard

Provides a common description of the data used and produced in risk assessments, including hazard, exposure, vulnerability, and modelled loss, or impact, data.

climate-data disaster-risk-management hazard-assessment json opendata risk-assessment standard

Climate Change - Natural Hazard and Storm - Last synced: 07 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 6.4


A dataset collection combining all publicly available self-declared crop reporting datasets from countries of the European Union.

agriculture dataset deep-learning machine-learning opendata sentinel-2

Consumption - Agriculture and Nutrition - Last synced: 06 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 6.8