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An easy to use open source tool for power system modeling, analysis and optimization with a high degree of automation.

analysis loadflow optimization power powerflow python short-circuit state-estimation system

Energy Systems - Energy Modeling and Optimization - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 21.7


A Python package for data-wrangling, analysis and visualization of integrated-assessment scenarios and energy systems modeling results.

analysis energy-systems iamc-format integrated-assessment integrated-assessment-scenarios macro-energy modeling pyam scenario scenario-data timeseries-format visualization

Climate Change - Integrated Assessment and Climate Policy - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 18.2


A Julia package for power system modeling and simulation of Power Systems operations.

analysis electricity energy julia optimization powersystems simulations

Energy Systems - Energy Modeling and Optimization - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 9.2


A Julia package offering basic functionality for analyzing data that are typically in the form used by climate sciences.

analysis climate data hacktoberfest julia spatiotemporal

Climate Change - Climate Data Processing and Analysis - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 7.0


Power system transient dynamics simulation with symbolic modeling and numerical analysis.

analysis andes eigenvalue-analysis library modeling-dae package power-system power-system-analysis power-system-dynamics power-system-simulation powerflow simulation small-signal timedomain tool toolbox

Energy Systems - Energy Modeling and Optimization - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 14.9


An open source command-line tool for easy collocation, visualization, analysis, and comparison of diverse gridded and ungridded datasets used in the atmospheric science.

analysis climate-data earth-science geo python

Atmosphere - Atmospheric Composition and Dynamics - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 7.1

Intensity duration frequency analysis

Reads the measurement data of the rainfall and calculates the distribution of the rainfall as a function of the return period and the duration for duration steps up to 12 hours.

analysis design-rainfall duration duration-steps dwa dwa-a-531 dwd heavy-rain idf intensity-duration-frequency kostra measurement-data precipitation python rainfall return-period

Climate Change - Natural Hazard and Storm - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 9.7


A collection of modules for accessing power system data, generating statistics, and creating visualizations from the New York Independent System Operator.

analysis clcpa clean-energy data datascience datasets decarbonization electricity energy kaggle kaggle-competition kaggle-dataset machine-learning ml newyork nyiso renewable-energy visualization

Energy Systems - Energy System Data Access - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 5.4


A cloud platform for greenhouse gas data analysis and collaboration.

analysis cloud collaboration data-science greenhouse-gas

Emissions - Emission Observation and Modeling - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 12.9


An open-source Python framework for the analysis of groundwater time series.

analysis groundwater hydrology pastas python timeseries

Hydrosphere - Freshwater and Hydrology - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 16.1