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A curated list of open technology projects to sustain a stable climate, energy supply, biodiversity and natural resources.

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Open Sustainable Technology

A directory and analysis of the open source ecosystem in the areas of climate change, energy, biodiversity and natural resources.

awesome awesome-list biodiversity carbon-emissions climate climate-change climate-data climate-science earth-science energy energy-consumption energy-data geoscience ocean photovoltaic renewable-energy renewables sustainability sustainable-development-goals wind-turbine

Sustainable Development - Knowledge Platforms - Last synced: 13 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 11.7


A CF-compliant Earth Science data analysis library.

cf cfdm cfunits data-analysis earth-science metadata netcdf pp python um

Climate Change - Climate Data Standards - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 13.5


A powerful, format-agnostic, community-driven Python package for analyzing and visualizing Earth science data.

data-analysis earth-science grib iris meteorology netcdf oceanography python spaceweather visualisation

Climate Change - Climate Data Processing and Analysis - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 19.5


Official repository for Semantic Web for Earth and Environmental Terminology Ontologies.

earth earth-science environment environment-variables ontologies owl owl-ontology sweet-ontologies

Sustainable Development - Knowledge Platforms - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: -Infinity


Python Toolbox for the Evaluation of Soil Moisture Observations.

earth-science python remote-sensing soil-moisture validation

Natural Resources - Soil and Land - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 14.0


An open source command-line tool for easy collocation, visualization, analysis, and comparison of diverse gridded and ungridded datasets used in the atmospheric science.

analysis climate-data earth-science geo python

Atmosphere - Atmospheric Composition and Dynamics - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 7.1


A curated list of tutorials, notebooks, software, datasets, courses, books, video lectures and papers specifically for Artificial Intelligence use cases in Earth Science.

air-quality awesome-list biosphere datasets deep-learning dust earth-science earthquakes geosphere glacier hydrology land-cover-classification machine-learning snow volcano

Sustainable Development - Curated Lists - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 6.6


A three-dimensional depiction of the ocean state at fine resolution in real time, provision of boundary conditions for coastal and regional models, and provision of oceanic boundary conditions for a global coupled ocean-atmosphere prediction model.

earth-science ocean-modelling

Hydrosphere - Ocean Circulation Models - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 5.5


Aims to make it quick and easy to automate downloading NASA-POWER global meteorology, surface solar energy and climatology data in your R session as a tidy data frame tibble object for analysis and use in modeling or other purposes.

agroclimatology agroclimatology-data data-access earth-science nasa nasa-power r r-package rstats weather weather-data weather-variables

Renewable Energy - Photovoltaics and Solar Energy - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 6.3


A community modeling system and framework for hydrologic modeling and model coupling.

earth-science fortran hydrologic-modeling hydrology modeling wrf-hydro

Hydrosphere - Freshwater and Hydrology - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 10.1


Has proved to be a valuable asset on a variety of projects of national interest including Environmental Remediation of the Nevada Test Site, the LANL Groundwater Protection Program, geologic CO2 sequestration, Enhanced Geothermal Energy programs, Oil and Gas production, Nuclear Waste Isolation, and Arctic Permafrost.

carbon-sequestration carbon-storage coupled-heat-mass earth-science geothermal-energy groundwater-modelling multiphase-transport nuclear-waste-repositories porous-flow reactive-chemistry simulation-modeling soil-vapor subsurface-hydrology subsurface-remediation

Renewable Energy - Geothermal Energy - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 7.3


Support governments in making decisions about the impact of human activities on the environment, planning the use of natural resources, conserving biodiversity and monitoring climate change.

earth-observation earth-science geoinformatics geoscience geospatial land-cover r trajectory

Climate Change - Integrated Assessment and Climate Policy - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 4.4


Has been widely used by academics, private consultants, and government scientists to accurately, reliably, and efficiently simulate groundwater flow.

earth-science groundwater modflow

Natural Resources - Water Supply - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: -Infinity


A community-driven ontology for the representation of environments.

data-management data-science earth-science ecoinformatics ecology environment esip obofoundry ontology planetary-science semantics sustainable-development-goals

Sustainable Development - Taxonomy and Ontology - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 10.1


A collection of tools and software libraries tailored to the construction of spatio-temporal environmental models.

cpp earth-science hydrology modflow python simulation spatio-temporal-modeling

Natural Resources - Water Supply - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 9.2


Global land surface temperature and emissivity from NASA's Landsat satellite images.

climate earth-observation earth-science geodata geospatial image-processing landsat landsat-8 landsat-data nasa-api nasa-data python raster remote-sensing satellite-data satellite-imagery-analysis satellite-images

Climate Change - Climate Data Access and Visualization - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 12.0


A Python package to find the centerline and width of rivers based on the latitude and longitude of the right and left bank.

centerline-detection centerline-extraction centreline earth-science fluvial fluvial-geomorphology geomorphology geophysics google-earth hydrology limnology python river river-bank river-bank-length river-centerline river-width rivers voronoi voronoi-diagram

Hydrosphere - Freshwater and Hydrology - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 9.1