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A curated list of open technology projects to sustain a stable climate, energy supply, biodiversity and natural resources.

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A philanthropically funded system to help people manage their local marine ecosystems in the face of increasing Ocean temperatures.

climate-change environment nodejs react typescript

Biosphere - Marine Life and Fishery - Last synced: 25 Feb 2024 - Ranking: 7.1


A multilingual progressive web app, which scans the EAN or UPC codes of over 3.000.000 food- or non-food-products and simply tells you if it they're vegan or not.

barcode barcode-scanner html5 javascript nextjs nodejs nutriscore nutrition nutrition-information nutrition-services openbeautyfacts openfoodfacts progressive-web-app pwa react scanner vegan vegan-dishes vegan-ingredients

Consumption - Agriculture and Nutrition - Last synced: 25 Feb 2024 - Ranking: 6.6

Open Energy Dashboard

Open Energy Dashboard is a user-friendly way to display energy information from smart energy meter.

climate-change education environmental javascript nodejs open-source plotly postgresql

Energy Systems - Energy Monitoring and Management - Last synced: 24 Feb 2024 - Ranking: 10.0