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A multilingual progressive web app, which scans the EAN or UPC codes of over 3.000.000 food- or non-food-products and simply tells you if it they're vegan or not.

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Veganify is a modern webapp that allows you to easily scan EAN barcodes to check if a product is vegan-friendly. With a database of over 3 million products, you can quickly find out if your favorite foods and products are suitable for a vegan diet.



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# Veganify

Check if a product is vegan or not with »

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Veganify - Check if a product if vegan/vegetarian easily and fast | Product Hunt
Veganify- Check if a product if vegan/vegetarian easily and fast | Product Hunt

## Overview
Veganify checks the barcode (EAN or UPC) of a food- or non-food-product and tells you if it is vegan or not. It is an useful tool for vegans and vegetarians - Developed with usability and simplicity in mind, so without distracting irrelevant facts or advertising.

Veganify combines the Databases of OpenFoodFacts, OpenBeautyFacts and Open EAN Database, as well as our very own ingredient checker in one tool.

See an example of how it works!

The [Veganify Ingredients API]( checks the products ingredients against a list of thousands of non-vegan items.

Open PWA in browser | Product page on FrontEndNetwork | Use the API | iOS Shortcut | Uptime Status

## Installation
[Click here to see the installation guide!](

## Contribute & Support
We're happy you want to help! Please read our [Code of Conduct](

Please refer to our issue trackers to see where you could help:
- [[Tasks] Code Improvements](
- [[Tasks] Localization]( - Learn how to localize Veganify [here](

Veganify on Inlang

or if you find something else you could improve, just open a new issue for it!

### Support us
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### Premium Supporters

## Dependencies & Credits

This repo uses:
* [Quagga.js](
* [OpenFoodFacts API]( & [OpenBeautyFacts API]( [@openfoodfacts](
* [Open EAN Database](

## License

All text and code in this repository is licensed under [MIT](, © 2023 Philip Brembeck, © 2023 FrontEndNetwork.

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