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A curated list of open technology projects to sustain a stable climate, energy supply, biodiversity and natural resources.

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A Python package for geospatial analysis and interactive mapping in a Jupyter environment.

data-science dataviz folium geoparquet geopython geospatial geospatial-analysis gis ipyleaflet jupyter jupyter-notebook leafmap mapping plotly python streamlit streamlit-webapp whiteboxtools

Sustainable Development - Data Catalogs and Interfaces - Last synced: 25 Feb 2024 - Ranking: 21.8

Open Energy Tracker

An open data platform for monitoring and visualizing energy policy targets.

data visualization dataset energy plotly policy python renewable energy

Energy Systems - Energy System Data Access - Last synced: 25 Feb 2024 - Ranking: 4.0

Open Energy Dashboard

Open Energy Dashboard is a user-friendly way to display energy information from smart energy meter.

climate-change education environmental javascript nodejs open-source plotly postgresql

Energy Systems - Energy Monitoring and Management - Last synced: 24 Feb 2024 - Ranking: 10.0


Visualize the results of Antares, an Open Source power system simulator meant to be used by anybody placing value in quantifying the adequacy or the economic performance of interconnected energy systems, at short or remote time horizons.

adequacy bilan dygraphs electric energy leaflet linear-programming manipulatewidge monte-carlo-simulation optimization plotly previsionnel r renewable-energy rte shiny shiny-apps simulation stochastic-simulation-algorithm tyndp

Energy Systems - Energy Modeling and Optimization - Last synced: 24 Feb 2024 - Ranking: 13.6