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A curated list of open technology projects to sustain a stable climate, energy supply, biodiversity and natural resources.

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Thousands of allometric models exist in the scientific and technical forestry literature, and allometric is a platform for archiving and using this vast array of models in a robust and structured format.

carbon forest-inventory forestry

Biosphere - Forest Observation and Management - Last synced: 09 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 11.0


A curated list of ground-truth forest datasets for the machine learning and forestry community.

biodiversity carbon climate-change datasets deep-learning ecosystems forestry machine-learning

Sustainable Development - Curated Lists - Last synced: 09 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 7.1


An open-source solution to compute the carbon emissions due to the mobility of a local population.

carbon carbon-footprint mobility open-source transport transportation

Consumption - Mobility and Transportation - Last synced: 09 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 8.9

Transportation Fuels Reporting System

An online application for fuel suppliers to manage their compliance obligations under the Greenhouse Gas Reduction.

award carbon cre cred credi credit credits empr f fu fue fuel fuels low nrm tra tran trans transfer transfers

Consumption - Mobility and Transportation - Last synced: 08 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 7.6

NCX Harvest Deferral Methodology

Documents, Data, and Code for the NCX Methodology For Improved Forest Management Through Short-Term Harvest Deferral.

carbon climate-science ecological-modelling forestry

Emissions - Carbon Offsets and Trading - Last synced: 07 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 3.7


Make essential Climate Change datasets easily available to non-climate experts.

carbon carbon-dioxide-data carbon-emissions climate climate-change climate-data climate-science ggplot2 methane noaa r rstats sea-ice sea-levels temperature-data warming-stripes

Climate Change - Climate Data Visualization and Access - Last synced: 07 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 10.4


The road to global carbon-neutrality will be through programmatic compensation.

carbon carbon-emissions carbon-neutral carbon-offsets carbon-offsetting javascript

Consumption - Computation and Communication - Last synced: 07 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 13.5

Regen Ledger

Providing a structured database of claims regarding ecological state and change of state.

biodiversity blockchain carbon climate-tech cosmos-sdk credit marketplace origination tendermint

Sustainable Development - Knowledge Platforms - Last synced: 07 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 14.8


A Python module for calculating seawater carbon and boron chemistry.

boron carbon isotope ocean oceanography python

Hydrosphere - Ocean Carbon and Temperature - Last synced: 06 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 10.3