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A curated list of open technology projects to sustain a stable climate, energy supply, biodiversity and natural resources.

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A linear optimization model for distributed energy systems.

energy-system linear-programming mathematical-modelling optimisation-model pandas pyomo python

Energy Systems - Energy Modeling and Optimization - Last synced: 25 Feb 2024 - Ranking: 8.5


Gives you access to real-time and historical surface-based weather and environmental observations for thousands of stations.

mesonet mesowest pandas python synoptic-api weather

Sustainable Development - Data Catalogs and Interfaces - Last synced: 25 Feb 2024 - Ranking: 10.4


An open source project and Python package that introduces labels in the form of dimensions, coordinates, and attributes on top of raw NumPy-like arrays, which allows for more intuitive, more concise, and less error-prone user experience.

dask netcdf numpy pandas python xarray

Climate Change - Climate Data Standards - Last synced: 25 Feb 2024 - Ranking: 30.7

Easy SimAuto

An easy-to-use Power System Analysis Automation Platform atop PowerWorld's Simulator Automation Server.

automation contingency-analysis esa graph-analysis hpc numba numpy pandas power-flow powersystem powerworld powerworld-simulator python pythran simauto simulator simulator-automation-server smart-grid transient-stability

Energy Systems - Energy Distribution and Grids - Last synced: 24 Feb 2024 - Ranking: 14.2


A graphic tool used by meteorologists to give a succinct view of how wind speed and direction are typically distributed at a particular location.

matplotlib numpy pandas python speed wind windrose

Atmosphere - Meteorological Observation and Forecast - Last synced: 24 Feb 2024 - Ranking: 18.0


Global Solar Energy Estimator.

electricity energy irradiance ninja pandas photovoltaic pv solar

Renewable Energy - Photovoltaics and Solar Energy - Last synced: 24 Feb 2024 - Ranking: 12.1