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A curated list of open technology projects to sustain a stable climate, energy supply, biodiversity and natural resources.

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A simulation framework for modeling coupled flow, transport, and geomechanics in the subsurface.

carbon-storage geomechanics gpu hpc llnl reservoir-simulation

Emissions - Carbon Capture - Last synced: 13 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 11.0

MICM Chemistry

A unique chemistry module that can be implemented in any atmosphere model used at NCAR.

atmospheric-chemistry atmospheric-modeling atmospheric-science cuda gpu gpu-acceleration hpc ode-solver

Atmosphere - Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosol - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 6.6


A global atmosphere model targeted towards 3 km ("cloud resolving") resolution.

atmosphere-model climate cxx e3sm gcm hpc kokkos

Climate Change - Earth and Climate Modeling - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: -Infinity

Easy SimAuto

An easy-to-use Power System Analysis Automation Platform atop PowerWorld's Simulator Automation Server.

automation contingency-analysis esa graph-analysis hpc numba numpy pandas power-flow powersystem powerworld powerworld-simulator python pythran simauto simulator simulator-automation-server smart-grid transient-stability

Energy Systems - Energy Distribution and Grids - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 13.9


Allows users to compute seismic hazard and seismic risk of earthquakes on a global scale.

cluster earthquakes hazard hazard-assessment hpc openquake openquake-engine psha python risk risk-analysis risk-assessment scientific-computing seismic

Climate Change - Natural Hazard and Storm - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 18.7


Serves as a framework for investigating energy and power optimizations geared towards heterogeneous high performance computing platforms.

control-systems hardware high-performance-computing hpc power-management service sustainability telemetry

Consumption - Computation and Communication - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 10.3


A implementation of the FV3GFS / SHiELD atmospheric model developed by NOAA/GFDL using the GT4Py domain-specific language in Python.

climate-modeling hpc python

Atmosphere - Atmospheric Composition and Dynamics - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 12.0


Calculates the energy consumption of Python scripts by sampling usage statistics from your hardware components.

benchmarking command-line-tool energy energy-monitor hpc mpi python

Consumption - Computation and Communication - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 11.4