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Wave Energy Converter Simulator is an open source code for simulating wave energy converters.

hydrodynamics marine-renewable-energy matlab simulink snl-applications wave-energy wec-sim

Renewable Energy - Hydro Energy - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: -Infinity


A state-of-the-art fully coupled model of the Earth's climate including important biogeochemical and cryospheric processes.

climate climate-model climate-science e3sm fortran snl-applications

Climate Change - Earth and Climate Modeling - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: -Infinity


A Python-based package for electrical grid optimization based on the Pyomo optimization modeling language.

energy-system milp minlp nlp optimization power powerflow python snl-applications snl-science-libs

Energy Systems - Energy Distribution and Grids - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 18.2


Allows users to perform wave energy converter device design optimization studies with constrained optimal control.

scr-2490 snl-applications

Renewable Energy - Hydro Energy - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 11.4

The Hydrogen Risk Assessment Models

The first-ever software toolkit that integrates deterministic and probabilistic models for quantifying accident scenarios, predicting physical effects, and characterizing hydrogen hazards impact on people and structures.

scr-1703 snl-applications

Energy Storage - Hydrogen - Last synced: 12 Apr 2024 - Ranking: 8.2