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A curated list of open technology projects to sustain a stable climate, energy supply, biodiversity and natural resources.

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Model-definition is a deep learning application for fault detection in photovoltaic plants.

deep-learning detection-boxes detector-model fault-detection keras model-detection object-detection photovoltaic-panels solar-energy tensorflow yolo3

Renewable Energy - Photovoltaics and Solar Energy - Last synced: 03 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 5.5


Provides access to public agricultural datasets for common agricultural deep learning tasks, with standard benchmarks and pretrained models, as well the ability to generate synthetic data and annotations.

agriculture computer-vision dataset deep-learning image-classification object-detection pytorch semantic-segmentation synthetic-data

Consumption - Agriculture and Nutrition - Last synced: 02 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 8.0


Trash Annotations in Context Dataset Toolkit.

dataset deep-learning garbage litter mask-rcnn object-detection trash

Industrial Ecology - Circular Economy and Waste - Last synced: 02 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 7.4

Detect waste

Detecting plastic waste in the environment to combat environmental pollution and promote circular economy.

cnn deep-learning detr efficientdet fastrcnn litter maskrcnn neural-networks object-detection python pytorch trash waste-detection

Industrial Ecology - Circular Economy and Waste - Last synced: 02 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 7.5


An open-source application designed to streamline the work of ecologists dealing with camera trap images.

annotation-tool cameratraps conservation deploy ecology linux machine-learning macos megadetector object-detection python train windows yolov5

Biosphere - Terrestrial Animals - Last synced: 02 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 6.5


Computer vision library for wildfire detection.

computer-vision deep-learning image-classification keypoint-detection object-detection python pytorch wildfire

Biosphere - Wildfire - Last synced: 01 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 6.3


The Koster Seafloor Observatory is an open-source, citizen science and machine learning approach to analyse subsea movies.

citizen-science deep-learning marine-protected-areas object-detection

Biosphere - Marine Life and Fishery - Last synced: 30 Nov 2023 - Ranking: 5.8