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This library is a small layer above brightway2, designed for the definition of parametric inventories with fast computation of LCA impacts, suitable for monte-carlo analyis.

brightway2 foreground-activities lca lca-algebraic monte-carlo numpy symbolic-expressions

Industrial Ecology - Life Cycle Assessment - Last synced: 02 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 11.5


An object class to hybridize lifecycle assessment and environmentally extended input-output (EEIO) databases.

brightway2 carbon-footprint database ecoinvent energy-consumption environmental-modelling exiobase industrial-ecology input-output life-cycle-assessment scientific-research water-footprint

Industrial Ecology - Life Cycle Assessment - Last synced: 02 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 4.3


A free, multi-platform, Python-based, open-source, SWM LCA optimization framework with built-in parametric and Monte Carlo sensitivity and uncertainty analysis capabilities.

brightway2 life-cycle-assessment monte-carlo-simulation municipal-solid-waste optimization pyside2 python solid-waste-management swolfpy uncertainty-assessment

Industrial Ecology - Circular Economy and Waste - Last synced: 01 Dec 2023 - Ranking: 9.0

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An open source and free software for Life Cycle Assessment extending the brightway2 framework.

brightway2 d3 lca pyqt5 python

Industrial Ecology - Life Cycle Assessment - Last synced: 30 Nov 2023 - Ranking: 8.9