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Ocean Health Index Scores

Provide invaluable, comprehensive, and quantitative assessments of progress towards healthy and sustainable oceans.

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Global scenarios of the Ocean Health Index

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Melsteroni m****r@g****m 83
Casey O'Hara o****a@n****u 71
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cullen-molitor c****r@g****m 59
ningningj n****j@g****m 52
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Juliet Cohen j****n@b****u 28
molly-williams m****e@g****m 28
Jamie Afflerbach a****h@n****u 23
petermenzies p****s@u****u 22
camilavargasp c****s@b****u 19
eeerika e****g@u****u 19
eleanorecc e****l@u****u 18
CarloBroderick c****k@g****m 14
bbest b****t@g****m 10
Melsteroni M****i@e****g 8
lauraing l****i@m****m 7
Gage Clawson 3****1 3
Ben Best b****t 3
Katrin Leinweber k****i@p****e 2
katlongo l****o@n****u 2
Melanie Frazier f****r@m****l 1

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