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World Carbon Pricing Database

This dataset contains information on carbon pricing mechanisms (carbon taxes or cap-and-trade) introduced around the world since 1990.

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Total Commits: 371
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Commits in past year: 69
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GDolphin g****6@c****k 219
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Anderson l****n@r****g 6
Thibaut Lienart t****t@m****m 3
sethvillanueva 1****a 1

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Average comments per pull request: 0.05
Merged pull request: 72
Bot issues: 0
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Past year issues: 14
Past year pull requests: 18
Past year average time to close issues: 5 days
Past year average time to close pull requests: 6 days
Past year issue authors: 1
Past year pull request authors: 2
Past year average comments per issue: 0.14
Past year average comments per pull request: 0.0
Past year merged pull request: 17
Past year bot issues: 0
Past year bot pull requests: 0

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