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The focus of CRootBox is the simulation of different types of root architecture, and to provide a generic interface for coupling with arbitrary soil/environmental models, e.g., in order to determine the impact of specific root architectures on function.

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# Hi, I am CPlantBox
[![Plant Simulations -- 8K resolution](]( "CPlantBox Simulations -- 8K resolution")

## For simulations in please use branch isp

[![DOI](]( [![Binder](](
## I can :
1. Create multiple plant structure
2. Coupling with PiafMunch, and make carbon and water flow inside of the plant.

## Try me 1 click

The most convenient way is to use google colab, which is a Linux virtual machine with jupyter notebook interface.
You can click the link to follow the guide there, just to click some buttons and you will be able to create plants
[here is the link to use it](

## or build local
### windows
CPlantBox is currently not available on windows.
Some pointers to setup a linux environment on windows are given on the [wiki](

### semi-automated CPlantBox (with dumux-rosi) installation via python script (recommended)

If you have and, you can set up CPlantBox (with or without the dumux-rosi extension) via an install script.\
This installation method requires ubuntu >= 20.04 and python >= 3.7.\
For CPlantBox __without__ the dumux-rosi extension, download the python file "".\
It will create a "CPB" folder and install inside the dependencies necessary to run CPlantBox.\
For CPlantBox __with__ the dumux-rosi extension, download the python file "" (based on the dumux installation file).\
This will create a "DUMUX" folder and install inside the dependencies necessary to run dumux-rosi.
This script might work on other linux OS but has not been tested.

### manual linux installation
Clone the repository by running:
git clone --depth 1 -b stable_v2.1
Run CMake which configures the CPlantBox libraries by
cmake . && make
in the root folder, and run some Python tutorial examples (see tutorial/latex/PlantBox_RootSytem), e.g
cd tutorial/examples/python

The dependecies are listed in the requirements.txt file.
# Folder sructure

`/modelparameter` Plant parameter files\
`/src` CPlantBox C++ codes\
`/test` Python tests for all CPlantBox classes\
`/tutorial` learn to use CPlantBox\
`/experimental` Specific applications (in sub-folders). contrary to scripts in `/tutorial`, might not be kept up to date

# Code documentation

Create the documentation by running doxygen in the folder
$ doxygen doxy_config

The documentation will be located in the folder /doc. Compile doc/latex/refman.tex to generate the full doxygen documentation in doc/latex/refman.pdf.

Collaboration diagrams give an overview of the code in folder /docs.

# Examples
Simulation videos availabe in Youtube Channel

[![Plant Simulations -- 8K resolution](]( "CPlantBox Simulations -- 8K resolution")

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