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Global ocean-sea ice coupled model configurations.

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ACCESS-OM2 global ocean - sea ice coupled model configurations.



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ACCESS-OM2 is a global coupled ocean - sea ice model being developed by [COSIMA](

ACCESS-OM2 consists of the [MOM 5.1]( ocean model, [CICE 5.1.2]( sea ice model, and a file-based atmosphere called [YATM]( coupled together using [OASIS3-MCT v2.0]( ACCESS-OM2 builds on the ACCESS-OM ([Bi et al., 2013]( and AusCOM ([Roberts et al., 2007](; [Bi and Marsland, 2010]( models originally developed at [CSIRO](

ACCESS-OM2 comes with a number of standard configurations in the [control]( directory. These include sea ice and ocean at a nominal 1.0, 0.25 and 0.1 degree horizontal grid spacing, forced by [JRA55-do]( atmospheric reanalyses.

ACCESS-OM2 is being used for a growing number of research projects. A partial list of publications using the model is given [here](

# Downloading

This respository contains many submodules, so you will need to clone it with the `--recursive` flag:
git clone --recursive

To update a previous clone of this repository to the latest version, you will need to do
git pull
followed by
git submodule update --init --recursive
to update all the submodules.

# Where to find information

The v1.0 model code, configurations and performance were described in [Kiss et al. (2020)](, with further details in the draft [ACCESS-OM2 technical report]( The current code and configurations differ from v1.0 in a number of ways (biogeochemistry, updated forcing, improvements and bug fixes), as described by [Solodoch et al. (2022)](, [Hayashida et al. (2023)](, [Menviel et al. (2023)]( and [Wang et al. (2023)](

Model output can be accessed by [NCI]( users via the [COSIMA Cookbook](

For information on downloading, building and running the model, see the [ACCESS-OM2 wiki](

**NOTE:** All ACCESS-OM2 model components and configurations are undergoing continual improvement. We strongly recommend that you "watch" this repo (see button at top of screen; ask to be notified of all conversations) and also watch all the [component models](, whichever [configuration(s)]( you are using, and [`payu`]( to be kept informed of updates, problems and bug fixes as they arise.

Requests for help and other issues associated with the model, tools or configurations can be registered as [ACCESS-OM2 issues](

## Conditions of use

We request that users of this or other ACCESS-OM2 model code:
1. consider citing Kiss et al. (2020) ([](, and also the other [papers above]( detailing more recent improvements to the model
2. include an acknowledgement such as the following:

*The authors thank the Consortium for Ocean-Sea Ice Modelling in Australia (COSIMA; []( for making the ACCESS-OM2 suite of models available at [](*
3. let us know of any publications which use these models or data so we can add them to [our list](

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