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The real-time extension to the EPANET Hydraulic Toolkit.

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Real-time extension to the EPANET hydraulic toolkit




EPANET-RTX is the real-time extension to the EPANET Hydraulic Toolkit. It provides an interoperable framework for moving data between a SCADA database, various time series analysis methods, and a hydraulic solver.

This project is being developed and maintained by a multidisciplinary team with various affiliations (members listed in alphabetical order):

- Ernesto Arandia-Perez (developer, University of Cincinnati)
- Sam Hatchett (lead developer, CitiLogics)
- Robert Janke (design team, USEPA)
- Tom Taxon (developer, Argonne National Lab)
- Jim Uber (design team, CitiLogics / University of Cincinnati)
- Hyoungmin Woo (developer, University of Cincinnati)

Intended Audience
The intended audience for this software can be divided roughly into two groups:

- Programmers interested in water distribution system simulation
- Water distribution simulation engineers interested in programming

The key here is an orientation towards folks who are comfortable with code. The RTX library is not a program per se, but a set of building blocks for constructing your own real-time simulation environment. If you've ever hacked EPANET or built a Matlab script for running hydraulic simulations, this library might be for you.

Find Out More
Get more info from the [official documentation]( and the [wiki](

Active Development
We are actively developing features in the following areas:
- Time Series Forecasting
- Water Age / Water Quality



conan export deps/local_export/sqlite_modern_cpp
conan export deps/local_export/epanet
conan install . --profile=x86 --build=missing -s build_type=Release
conan build . --profile=x86 --build=missing -s build_type=Release
conan export-pkg . --profile=x86 -s build_type=Release

# run tests

if you are developing RTX as a dependent package locally, do this first:

conan editable add .


### Docker Build

docker buildx build -t epanetrtx-test -f epanet-rtx.docker --platform linux/amd64 .

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