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Web Sustainability Guidelines

The draft specification for our Web Sustainability Guidelines and any supplementary documentation, including our introduction to Web Sustainability.

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Sustainable Web Design Community Group



# Web Sustainability Guidelines (WSGs)

Welcome to the repository for the [Sustainable Web Design Community Group](

In this hub, you will find the draft specification for our [Web Sustainability Guidelines]( and any supplementary documentation, including our [introduction]( to Web Sustainability, our [at-a-glance]( overview, our [quick reference](, our [PDF checklist](, and our [JSON API]( We also have a living implementation of the specification under active development called [Sustainable Web Design](

If you would like a brief introduction to both our group and our specification, you may find [the slides]( from the presentation we gave at [TPAC 2023]( useful. To learn more about our group, its goals, and our progress, check out our [wiki](, and [frequently asked questions]( page. You may also find our draft [Working Group charter]( of interest.


## Contributing

If you would like to contribute towards this specification, please refer to the []( document for details. It contains detailed information on pull requests (PRs), submitting issues, and other methods of feedback in relation to this repository.

**Note:** Please make your pull requests (including any changes or edits) against files **ONLY** located within the "drafts" or "wg" folders.


## Living Drafts

Our publishing process has two channels.

The first channel is the **stable** specification which is versioned with all changes documented in the [release notes]( Links to the stable specification and its supplements can be found above (at the top of this README document).

The second channel is the **unstable** or living edition specification in which issue resolutions, pull requests, new supplements, and community edits are immediately available before that version is finalized. The "drafts" folder contains all of the living editions of the [specification](, [at-a-glance](, [introduction](, [quick reference](, [STAR](, [JSON API](, and other supplements.



We have a [JSON API]( which is kept in sync with the changes occurring within our specification.

This document is reachable via GitHub pages and can be queried using JavaScript to embed our data within your client of choice.

The structure of the API is identical to that of the specification in its numbering scheme:

`category[1][0].guideline = "Undertake Systemic Impacts Mapping"`

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